Are you travelling to Sydney to attend a crucial business conference? Or, are you coming here to explore business opportunities to expand your existing business? If you are looking for an accommodation that could offer you complete peace and privacy to concentrate on your work, you may consider Gardenview serviced apartments in North Sydney.

Our serviced apartments in North Sydney are specially designed keeping in mind the needs and concerns of the business travellers. We ensure that our North Sydney apartments offer the comfort and convenience that is provided by the hotels and the peace and privacy that one gets in one’s own home.

Our serviced apartments North Sydney come well equipped with fully functional kitchen and laundry, and comfortable living areas with plenty of space. You can work seamlessly for hours without worrying at all about getting disturbed by the hotel staff.

The best part about the serviced apartments North Sydney is their central location. Located mostly around the suburbs, the North Sydney apartments make it convenient to get around the city. As well as reaching your meeting places, you can enjoy the convenience of sightseeing, trips to the famous beaches, visits to the suburbs, restaurants, theatre, and several other places in Sydney.

In addition to the comfort and privacy, our serviced apartments in North Sydney offer spectacular views of the harbours. After spending a long hectic day with your clients or attending the conference, you may relax and unwind yourself enjoying the beautiful scenes from your serviced apartment. The absolute peace that surrounds most of our serviced apartments in North Sydney would further enhance your living experience.

The short stay apartments are available usually for a minimum 7-day rental. However, we can also offer you serviced apartments for longer duration or for short term. We are always there to discuss your individual accommodation needs in Sydney and thereby offer you the best accommodation option.

Holiday Apartments in Sydney for Complete Privacy – If you are in Sydney, you have a lot to explore, including numerous renowned tourist attractions. But once you are in your hotel room, it is obvious that you would want some privacy.

Serviced Apartments in Sydney for Short-term Stays – Sydney Gardenview offers economical alternates to expensive hotels and holiday homes. Commonly referred to as serviced apartments, these alternates are perfect for both short and long holidays.

Meeting Short-term Accommodation Needs in Bondi Made Simple – Sydney Gardenview is a one-stop destination, if you are visiting Bondi anytime soon and planning a short term stay. That is because we specialize in meeting short-term accommodation needs and have serviced apartments in different parts of North Sydney, including Bondi.

Affordable Serviced Apartments in Bondi – If you have always stayed at a hotel when in Bondi, try something different the next time you are in town. Sydney Gardenview recommends that you stay at one of the serviced apartments listed with us.